Learn how Cherith Edwards took back control over her busy schedule by partnering with Pangea.

The Client

Cherith Edwards is a loan officer for Mortgage Investors Group, based in Chattanooga, Tennessee. She has helped hundreds of people confidently settle into new homes by helping them understand complex financial agreements. The net result: home buyers don’t feel like they’re signing their lives away!

The Challenge

When Cherith reached out to Pangea in early 2021, her business was booming! Without dedicated marketing staff, she was able to grow her business through personal relationships and networking.

There was one problem, though: Cherith had no time to handle marketing. She was too busy taking care of client work. She needed someone to jump in, do the heavy administrative lifting, and to set a strategy for pulling in higher-paying clients instead of just more clients.

The Solution

Stepping into a busy role, the first thing we did was note the available resources. Cherith had a deep network and plenty of content to share online, but she needed Pangea to step in and make things happen.

To help Cherith bring in higher paying clients, Pangea:

  • Started coordinating comarketing projects with real estate agents, which brought in new leads.
  • Refreshed the copywriting and imagery on her website.
  • Scheduled blog posts, social media posts, and emails so she could have a low-maintenance online presence.
  • Began running online advertising to connect her with homebuyers in previously untapped (and higher-paying) markets such as Nashville, Atlanta, and Knoxville.

The Results

In the end, by partnering with Pangea, Cherith was able to use existing marketing resources to her advantage. She was able to relax and focus on what she does best, knowing that competent professionals were taking care of parts of the job she found less engaging.

Our client relationship with Cherith is still fairly new, and this case study will continue to evolve. We are laying the groundwork to tap into more expensive cities in the US southeast and have already seen some leads come in!

Cherith’s Thoughts

Since hiring Pangea Marketing Agency, they have saved me so much TIME (and time = money in my industry). They have increased my business revenue and furthered my online branding and exposure in different markets. Pangea Marketing Agency is responsive, knowledgeable, and driven to help me succeed. If I could give them a 10 star review, I absolutely would!

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